Japan Central Tour Day 5

Tokyo Disneyland was our last itinerary for the package tour. Not much excitement here as I have been to the Paris Disneyland in 1994. At the time of visit, there were quite a number of attractions closed down for renovation such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Pooh’s Honey Hunt.

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Japan Central Tour Day 1

After having a thought to visit the Land of Rising Sun for about 3 years ago, finally, I have the chance to land my feet on Japan. I went for a 7 Day Central Japan tour on end May, a travel that set me free, well, at least for 10 days(I extended for another 3 days after the group tour package). In fact, there was only 5 days in total if I didn’t extend my length of stay there as the 1st and very last day were spent on flight journey.

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