Gmarket Shopping Guide – Part 2

This is the 2nd part of my Gmarket Shopping guide, you might want to read the first part here.

Gmarket Korea Shopping

When you search an item, you will see the listing page as shown above. First, click on the “Customer Rating” on the right top to sort according to “High Rating”. Sellers with Power rating are those who earned higher customer satisfaction rating. Once you click to browse the page, under the seller info, if there is a tag states “CS BEST”, that will be even better as the shop has high sale performance on top of the customer satisfaction score. I will try to buy from those which has “CS BEST” tag.

Gmarket Shopping Guide – Part 1

Gmarket Korea online shopping, another eBay shopping platform, well, I know, I heard of it for a long time but never bother to try on it. The reason, not a fan of eBay kind of shopping platform and yes, I never shop at eBay before 😯 . But what tempted me to try on Gmarket Korea is the Korean skincare and cosmetic products.

I have been trying out various Korean skincare and cosmetic products by buying them via Taiwan online shop. You heard me right, from Taiwan. At that time I was not aware that I should have shopped directly from Gmarket Korea. So by paying quite some extra costs to get Korean products outside Korea, oh my gosh! 🙄

Finally after I have made my first purchase on Gmarket, I decided to write this guide, although not a comprehensive one(there are already many guides out there) but it will still be a lengthy article and therefore I will have to split it into 2 parts. Hope this will help those who are like me, heard of Gmarket million times but couldn’t be bother to look at it or try on it. But please, don’t blame me when you are hooked on it later, deal?

Gmarket Korea

Cute Flash Drive – Real or Fake capacity?

Have you ever seen this adorable cartoon USB flash drive? Are you planning on buying one from eBay, Qoo10 or any other popular online e-commerce site? If your answer is “Yes” or “Maybe”, then this article is a “must read” for you! Anyway, bear with me, this would be a long article, hopefully it isn’t boring for you?

Spiderman flash drive 16GB

The available capacity would be 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB with cheap prices that are almost irresistible, most of us are very tempted to buy those above 32GB, well, yes, including myself. I have bought not once but twice 64GB and they always have problem after a period of time, files and pictures corrupted etc.. Lesson unlearnt at that time, only till last year.

Since this happened twice I just googled around hoping to get more information, to my horror, I realize that I have bought the flash drives with fake capacity after running a test software calls “FakeFlashTest.exe”!