Cute Flash Drive – Real or Fake capacity?

Have you ever seen this adorable cartoon USB flash drive? Are you planning on buying one from eBay, Qoo10 or any other popular online e-commerce site? If your answer is “Yes” or “Maybe”, then this article is a “must read” for you! Anyway, bear with me, this would be a long article, hopefully it isn’t boring for you?

Spiderman flash drive 16GB

The available capacity would be 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB with cheap prices that are almost irresistible, most of us are very tempted to buy those above 32GB, well, yes, including myself. I have bought not once but twice 64GB and they always have problem after a period of time, files and pictures corrupted etc.. Lesson unlearnt at that time, only till last year.

Since this happened twice I just googled around hoping to get more information, to my horror, I realize that I have bought the flash drives with fake capacity after running a test software calls “FakeFlashTest.exe”!

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Fantastic papercraft design

Interested to create your own papercraft of some really kawaii figures? I have found quite a number of good sites that provide awesome papercrafts and therefore compile a list of them in this post. This really helps to de-stress when you look at those cute faces that you have built. Enjoy!

Papercraft from Cubeecraft

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