Making Polymer Clay Pink Floral Earrings

I was trying to make some unique earrings on the 18k gold frames that I have bought some times ago. Truly fun making it but the process was definitely more tedious than just crafting the flowers on the plain clay base.

Santorini Inspired Polymer Clay Slab

This polymer clay slab was created using one of my latest cane design which gave me the inspiration to craft a Santorini inspired theme. The result was surprisingly pleasant, giving the Santorini vibes that I wanted to deliver.

I will post the polymer clay cane design that was used for this slab in the next few days but if you want to have a quick view now, you can check out my profile on Instagram, do connect with me if you have any question, ok?

Miniature Roses Earrings

I always love roses and finally I decided to hands on to craft them. It was a tedious process because they are miniature, each rose is about 10mm or less, omg, pretty tiring because the petals need to be thin, the strength to handle them need to be super soft etc.

Anyway the end result is really pretty. The pictures might not reflect the actual beauty of them. Well, interested to view some of our beautiful collection of handmade jewellery? Visit Infinity & Caty.

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Swirly Buddies from Polymer Clay Canes

Using my previous extruder cane design to make these cute little swirly buddies. They will be available soon at Infinity & Caty. I plan to make them into charms so that you can hook them on on your bags or mobile phones.

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Making use of polymer clay scrap

What should I do with my scrap clay? Oh well, I am making use of them to create whatever that popped into my mind during the clay crafting moment. You will be surprised what can be produced out of these scrap.

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