Triangular Polymer Clay Cane

Ever since I discovered polymer clay, I am addicted to it. We are using Premo Sculpey clay, the quality is good, easy conditioning and flexible soft to blend, the jewelry products are durable and very pretty.

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Polymer Clay Cane With Extruder Technique Part 1

After I created the extruder cane a few days ago, I decided to explore further with the tool, combining the stripe and swirl patterns to make an amazing cane design. There were quite some works done behind the scene preparing all the eye catching color circle shapes, rolling the extruder, making the stripe and swirl patterns etc.

Part 2 of the video will be released in 2 days time. Feel free to connect with me on instagram for latest update.

Extruder Polymer Cane

When I came across various Youtube video about this clay extruder, I knew I had to play with it. Different colors of clay combination will produce different “pretty” results. Do you like to see more ideas that can be done with this wonderful tool? Bookmark my blog or connect with me on instagram for latest update.

Polymer Clay Stripe and Swirl Cane Part 2

This is another color variation of the stripe and swirl cane. I am thinking to make more canes out of these design in the future. These bright colored canes put a smile on my face. Hope you like them too.

Polymer Clay Stripe and Swirl Cane

Creating polymer clay canes is indeed very fun and sky is the limit. I will be posting more of this behind the scene videos to share with everyone.