Swirly Buddies from Polymer Clay Canes

Using my previous extruder cane design to make these cute little swirly buddies. They will be available soon at Infinity & Caty. I plan to make them into charms so that you can hook them on on your bags or mobile phones.

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Triangular Polymer Clay Cane

Ever since I discovered polymer clay, I am addicted to it. We are using Premo Sculpey clay, the quality is good, easy conditioning and flexible soft to blend, the jewelry products are durable and very pretty.

You can browse all our beautiful collection of handmade jewelry at Infinity & Caty.

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Extruder Polymer Cane

When I came across various Youtube video about this clay extruder, I knew I had to play with it. Different colors of clay combination will produce different “pretty” results. Do you like to see more ideas that can be done with this wonderful tool? Bookmark my blog or connect with me on instagram for latest update.

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