Japan Central Tour Day 4

Today we were heading for Tokyo. Itinerary covered Shibuya, Asakusa and Ueno.

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Day 4

Another 2-3 hours bus ride. First stop was at Shibuya, a shopping and entertainment district but not all the shops were open at that time we arrived(around 10am). I managed to get myself a pair of skinny denim jeans from Uni Qlo, Japan’s leading clothing retail chain. The jeans costs about $39US, very affordable price.

Next stop was Asakusa, the heart of the old “downtown” Tokyo, houses Tokyo’s largest temple Senso-ji(浅草寺, Asakusa Kannon Temple). Crowded visitors jammed at the Kaminari-mon Gate(雷門) to take photos, there you see a huge red lantern and two protectors: Raijin(雷神, God of Thunder) and Fuujin(風神, God of Wind). Beyond the gate is Nakamise-dori, a shopping street of over 200 meters, that leads the way to the temple’s second gate, the Hozomon. Shops selling traditional Japanese goods and souvenirs such as yukata, red lanterns, buddhist statues, folding fans and various traditional local snacks.

Kaminari-mon Gate



Masks at a shop in Nakamise-dori

Past the Hozomon main gate stands the temple’s main building and a five storied pagoda.

Senso-ji main building

Five storied pagoda

lantern hanging at Senso-ji

After Asakusa, we proceeded to Ueno but it rained all day/night long and I was surprised that I didn’t manage to take any more photos thereafter. I hate raining when on tour. Wet and messy. Overnight at Metropolitan Crowne Plaza at the west side of Ikebukuro. We did go out at night but since it rained cats and dogs, we were stranded at the Seibu shopping center for that night, nothing much to explore. The east side of Ikebukuro is more interesting with arcades, shopping etc which I would cover it later.

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