Singapore Toy & Comic Convention 2008 Part 2

Next were the pictures taken from Devilrobots, a design team of five from Japan which led by the art director Shinichiro Katai.

Devilrobots: Shinichiro Katai


Devilrobots specializes in graphics and character designs and the most popular character of their is To-Fu Oyako as shown in pictures below.

TO-FU blanks

The front left is the To-Fu for Tokidoki.

TO-FU Oyako

TO-FU Molly mother version

An adorable 16″ Gum To-Fu.

16" Gum To-Fu

TO-FU Oyako

Dokuronnoko x Devilrobots

Devilrobots Plus Robot:Evil King

There are some other toys by Devilrobots which I have seen from other booths as shown below.

Evirob by Devilrobots

10" Devilrobotz Trexi

Devilrobots 10" Scar QQ Trexi

Next was the comic artist Gary Erskine from UK.

comic artist Gary Erskine

comic arworks by Gary Erskine

Madcap is a platform devoted to aritstic conception and collectable objsects.

Kid666 created by Nade "One from Madcap

Phatomas, Nouvo edition by Madcap

The designers from Madcap

Pictures from the various booths at the hall.

Blythe Dolls collection

Blythe Dolls collection

Old Master

Dooperdoo Design

Domuya Your Doll

Star Wars

Star Wars

Wii Booth

Nintendo Booth

More toys collection..

10" Demoniark Trexi by Niark 1

Squeezel by Touma

Grabbits by Touma

T-Boy by Shin Tanaka

Well, come to the end of the STCC. Although I have still tons of photos in my collection but would not be possible to show them all here. 😀 Anyway, there will be another post of Tokidoki Live Art Demo by Simone Legno, stay tune to my blog.

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