Singapore Toy & Comic Convention 2008

The first-ever Singapore Toy & Comic Convention 2008(STCC) was here from 27th to 29th June 2008. This was also the first international event of its kind in Southeast Asia to showcase the latest pop-culture trends in design, toys, comics, animation and gaming. I went down there on Saturday afternoon and snapped tons of photos from Tokidoki by Simone Legno and others e.g Devilrobots, Nintendo, BANDAI, Hasbro, Wizards of the Coast, Medicom Toy, Toumart, Madcap and more.

When I reached the entrance of the convention hall, I was first greeted by an Artist Graffiti Wall which was the collaborative artwork by artists which include my all time favorite Simone Legno(Tokidoki), Pete Fowler, Gary Erskine, Mori Chack, Kika and Nada, Devilrobots, Touma and more!
You can read more details about the designers at the Walk of Fame.

Artist Graffiti Wall:Section drawn by Simone Legno

Artist Graffiti Wall

So, the first booth that I went to was of course the Tokidoki booth where sales of tee-shirt, necklaces, earings, caps and uchiwa were available.

Tokidoki necklaces, earings, caps

Tokidoki caps

Vinyl figures, pouch

Wallpaper divider on Tokidoki booth

I bought a bunch of vinly toys to display at my home, ounch, my wallet was “injured”!

Vinyl figures

Time for Simone’s autograph signing session.

Simone signing autograph

He was drawing on my sketch book

He was drawing on my sketch book

Here was his completed sketch, for me.

Simone's sketch

Astrodemonio by Tokidoki

Cool tokidoki The Moofia Mozzarella

Reaching the end of Tokidoki session from my photo album. There was one of the vinyl toy by Tokidoki was seen at Devilrobot’s booth, so will include that in the next section. I will probably put up another post of my vinyl figures collection in a later date.

Part 2: STCC 2008 The Devilrobots “mission” and others to be continued…

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